Project Acacia

You are invited to participate in the upcoming OUR/UNHCR, Malaysia, C3 Forum (Collaborate, Create, Change). The C3 Forum will be held on 5-6 August 2016 at Bricksfield Asia College, Kuala Lumpur.

There are currently more than 150,000 refugees and undocumented immigrants in Malaysia, the vast majority of whom have very limited access to higher education. Reasons are several: the cost of registration, admissions criteria, legal and technical issues as well as the personal and environmental factors affecting potential students.

OUR - Open Universities for Refugees - is an initiative which seeks to bring together students, universities, donors and non-governmental agencies to build consortia which, individually and collectively, will address these issues to enable more potential students to realise their goal of higher education studies.  Over recent weeks, OUR have been working with UNHCR, Malaysia to meet current stakeholders and current and potential students to understand better: the nature of demand for higher education in Kuala Lumpur and the challenges faced by those wishing to access it; the current academic opportunities available, and potential options for the future; the nature of current infrastructure to support potential students, both within communities and amongst current higher and secondary education providers; and the views of other key stakeholders.

In addition, with the assistance of UNHCR, Malaysia and Fugee School, OUR  is currently conducting a survey of potential students in KL. The outcomes of both the interviews and the survey will be made available to C3 Forum participants in advance of 5 August.  The C3 Forum itself will not only provide the opportunity to discuss these outcomes in more detail, but will seek to facilitate effective collaborations amongst participants leading to funded projects and initiatives to increase access to higher education opportunities in Kuala Lumpur.

One of our goals is to involve as many interested parties and stakeholders as possible to ensure that everyone who has the potential to develop solutions to the challenges posed by the provision of higher education in KL is included. To that end, we would welcome your suggestions regarding potential invitees, and would be equally delighted if you could utilise your networks to spread the word. If you would like to attend, please visit to and complete the on-line registration form. Attendance is free. Program details of the 3C Forum will be announced on the OUR’s website.

This short film, HAPPY ENDING, tells the stories of two young refugee women from Somalia living in Malaysia and indicates how education has changed their lives.

Update (January 2018)

Second cohort of CERTE Bridge course took off at Monash University, Malaysia on 4th October 2017

Second CERTE Bridge course was hosted at Monash University Malaysia. Following institutions and individuals were awarded with the OUR Trophy:

UNHCR, Brickfields Asia College, Nottingham University, Monash University, Dr. Brian Lariche (Make It Right Movement), Dr. Robin Duncan (T4R) and Ms. Jessica Chapman (T4R and Fugee School)

Third CERTE Bridge course will be hosted during March 2018.


Update (March 2017)

First Outcome of 3C Forum : The CERTE Task Force, in partnership with the Fugee School, Open Universities for Refugees (OUR), the University of Nottingham Malaysia, Brickfields Asia College, and UNHCR Malaysia, is Piloting a "Bridge Course" in March, 2017.

The aim of the Bridge Course is to equip students with the basic knowledge of the application process of higher education institutes; have a better understanding of areas of knowledge and different academic disciplines; have developed basic research skills in writing and presentations; and prepare students with a heightened awareness of the dynamic life of a university campus and have developed a confidence to participate in it.

Participants of the course will have a unique opportunity to participate in university campus visits and meet with university professors at two universities in Malaysia. In addition, students who successfully complete the course will be given the opportunity to sign-up for a continued mentorship program that will provide continued support in their university application process.