Invitation to Opening Universities for Refugees 3C Forum (Collaborate, Create, Change)

We are writing to invite you to participate in the upcoming Third 3C Forum which will be held in Indonesia on 19 September 2018 at the University of Indonesia, Depok.

Attendance is free. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email, (

We very much look forward to your active participation.



OUR has organized Pre-Teacher Training Workshop for the teachers of the Refugee Run Learning Centers at Cisarua on the 12th May 2017.

6 Social Sciences teachers have successfully completed their studies via Coursera and have received their diplomas on Big History Project from Macquarie University.

Second Teacher Training on “How to teach controversial topics in history” took place on the 24th September 2017.

Third Teacher Training on “Intercultural Dialogue, Identity and Citizenship” is scheduled to take place on the 11th February 2018.

OUR will partner with UNHCR, Indonesia to host the 3rd 3C Forum in August 2018 in Jakarta.

Currently OUR is collaborating with the volunteering teachers of Dulwich College and Nexus International School in Singapore to set a peer to peer mentorship program.



My Academic Pal (MAP) is a new online Mentorship Program where the volunteering teachers from Nexus International and Dulwich College, Singapore meet the teachers of the Refugee Run Learning Centers in Cisarua, Indonesia weekly to offer their expertise and guidance. MAP has been created as part of the long term teacher training program.

Aisling Hewett
(English Language)

Alan Perkins
(IT, Computer Science and Design Technology + IB Diploma)

Aparna Khanna

Charles Claxton
(Languages - French and Spanish)

Cheryl Isles
(Curriculum and Classroom Management, Primary School 5-8 years old)

Corin James
(English Language, Literature and Drama)

Jane Hayes
(Library, Research and Assignments)

Joanna Bevan
(Art and Design, Classroom Management)

Meher Verghese
(Art and Design, Curriculum &Lesson Plan, Skill Based Learning)

Melanie Ellis
(Science and Chemistry, Behavior for Learning and Curriculum Design)

Sylvia Klinzing
(Science and Biology)


Jeffrey Fuller
(Design and Technology)