Project Banyan

3rd 3C Forum organized by UNHCR, Indonesia
19 September, University of Indonesia, Jakarta

Creating Awareness Within the Indonesian Society

Short Term Action Plans:

A - Opening new ways of communications. Refugee Communities volunteer to learn Bahasa as well as volunteer to teach English to local communities. ( Strategies to be set by Abdul Khalil Payeez and Brandon Baughn by the end of November, 2019)

B - Encouraging Refugee- Local Community Engagement by creating new spaces/ideas for dialogue ( Strategies set by Community Leaders)

C - New ways of collaboration - working closely with the local schools ( strategies set by Baqir Bayani by the end of November, 2019)

Long Term Action Plans:

A - Using Instagram and youtube more actively to create awareness (if possible in Bahasa)

B - Approaching to and working closely with local ngos in Indonesia.

What Can Universities Do?

Short Term Action Plans:

A - Mapping out the need, demand and the academic interests of refugee youth ( UNHCR, Indonesia working closely with the communities and with the partner universities to conduct surveys to come with figures and context for future planning)

B - Pioneering university/ies will come up with educational projects working closely with the refugee communities to set an example ( Prof. Lauren Clarke and Prof. Heru Susetyo Nuswanto to lead )

Long Term Action Plans:

A - University of Indonesia, Faculty of Law and UNHCR, Indonesia to host a closed workshop in September 2019 with the involvement of stakeholders from Indonesian bureaucracy (ie Ministry of Education, Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to discuss the need for a new legal framework regarding access to education in general.

B - Creating dialogue with the universities in Malaysia to share the positive practices and work on new models of collaboration.

My Academic Pal (MAP) is a new online Mentorship Program where the volunteering teachers from Nexus International and Dulwich College, Singapore meet the teachers of the Refugee Run Learning Centers in Cisarua, Indonesia weekly to offer their expertise and guidance. MAP has been created as part of the long term teacher training program.

Aisling Hewett

(English Language)


Alan Perkins

(IT, Computer Science and Design Technology + IB Diploma)


Aparna Khanna



Charles Claxton

(Languages - French and Spanish)


Joanna Bevan

(Art and Design, Classroom Management)


Meher Verghese

(Art and Design, Curriculum &Lesson Plan, Skill Based Learning)


Melanie Ellis

(Science and Chemistry, Behavior for Learning and Curriculum Design)


Sylvia Klinzing

(Science and Biology)


Jeffrey Fuller

(Design and Technology)



Update (January 2019)


Over the last year and a half, Aisling and Amy have been mentors over Skype for participants in the GED learning program. More recently, Tom and I also started with the mentoring scheme.

The participants that we were teaching are refugees, mostly from Iran and Afghanistan. They are living either in Jakarta, or Cisarua, which has a large population of refugees and asylum seekers. The participants are currently working as volunteer teachers at refugee learning centres, and are studying for their GED qualification, which is a high school diploma equivalent.

It was fantastic to be able to meet our mentees, and to be able to work with the other participants. We got an insight into how hard-working they are; because they are volunteer teachers, any time spent studying for the exam is during their own free time. They were engaged, focused and had lots of questions about the way that we teach Maths in Singapore. We will continue to mentor the participants over Skype, and already have begun to share teaching resources due to this link. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the inspiring community in Cisarua, and look forward to continuing this relationship.

We look like to say a big thank you to some of the people who made this trip possible: Charles, Tracey, Gul and Abdullah.



It was a fantastic experience having the opportunity to visit the centre in Cisarua this weekend.

Over the two days we were delivering English and Maths workshops to groups of volunteer teachers. These volunteers are refugees who are studying for their GED qualifications, whilst also teaching the wider refugee community in Cisarua and Jakarta.

The attitude and commitment of the participants was extremely impressive. Throughout our sessions the participants showed an eagerness to develop their already high-level language skills, and were fully engaged throughout the two days.

Abdullah did a fantastic job of making sure the two days ran smoothly, and we enjoyed a truly delicious kebab for lunch on the Friday. Abdullah also made us feel very welcome; inviting us to play board games and socialise with the participants and other visiting teachers after the sessions!



Update (September 2018)

3C Forum was co-hosted with UNHCR at the University of Indonesia on 19th September 2018

3C Forum was co-hosted with UNHCR at the University of Indonesia on 19th September 2018

Update (February 2018)

Third teacher training on February 2018

Third teacher training on February 2018

Update (2017)

Second teacher training in 2018

Second teacher training in 2018